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Shanghai Cocoon Textiles started business in 2001 and is owned solely by Cocoon Trading Limited of the UK. The Company undertakes the design, production and sale of high quality knitted garments. We are equipped with forty hand flat knitting machines of various gauges; two British made Bentley Cotton multi-head computer programmed 30 gauge fully fashioned knitting machines, twenty-five linking machines and a finishing machine. We produce around 50,000 pieces of knitwear each year.

Our Employees
We have a staff of fifty in the Shanghai factory, our technologists work closely with the five Senior Designers from the UK Company.

Our Products
We produce two collections each year, one for Spring Summer and one for Autumn Winter.
We design and manufacture a broad spectrum of garments, including cardigans, sweaters, scarves, hats and gloves, knitted from 100% cashmere, merino, angora, silk, linen, cotton or blends of these fibres.

Our Belief
Our over-riding commitment is to quality and we not only choose natural, high quality fibres for our raw materials but also employ the best technology. We firmly believe modern technology plus exquisite making-up ensures high quality, knitted products.

Our Customers
Our garments are exported to Europe, America and Japan with CASHCA, PAUL SMITH, JOSEPH and JAEGER as our major customers.

We sincerely hope you find our business of interest and look forward to hearing from you.

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